We believe that quality is the soul of an enterprise.

Fang Tai button founded in 1996 the company formerly started manufacturing in South China supplying Snap, Jean Button, Eyelet, Rivet, Metal Chains, Metal Embossed Badges, Nickel straps to the local and then thriving garment accessories industry.

Our core competencies is developing and manufacturing metal and plastic buttons, the company has grown generically from strength to strength, building its business on an unrivalled reputation for innovation and on delivering quality products on time.

Thought, research, design and innovation so that we have delivered our masterpieces, we supplying products with competitive advantage throughout the world, Hong Kong and Taiwan, India, Turkey, United Kingdom, Bangladesh and Europe and the United States and other international markets.

There are no ‘No’s and No excuses at Fang Tai button, we treat our customer loyalty, like our products. We thrive for the challenge, be it to develop a Jeans Button, or an eyelet or a Rivet, or Metal Embossed Badges- if our customer wants it, we make it.

Our design team consults popular element with some of forward thinking apparel designers, listening, learning and developing branding that is more than ‘just a button’.

Fang Tai button obtained OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate, early we began to introduce the light, heavy, metals (ROHS) DETECTOR, automatic needle detector, automatic button machine and so on, ensure effective detection and control of product and let the customer have no trouble back at home.

When we deliver a product, we make sure it work, our technicians are available to install and assist at factory level, ensuring that our product is applied to the garment correctly and in the safest way possible.

Focus can be successfully.   


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