Frequently asked questions

When people talk about laser tag must think "need to beware of" the word, because it is difficult to produce and transport. Of course, it is a great product, there is a demand for it in the market. But if you could replace it with other labels, that gave up laser labels.

One problem is overheating. Laser fusion heat of dahua 250-300 degrees on a printing press, to produce a good label, will combine film, adhesive and liner are good. Even if ingredients are mixed, such as label printing moves too slowly, it will be subject to heat damage. Another problem is the angle of the label--which means aside the label. Repair of damage to the printing plant.

Label before shipment to the user's hands, paper suppliers and manufacturers will solve the above problems.

Laser labels in the flexible printing equipment printing process. As far as Vice President of Iowa RLP Heinl says. "Laser labels are hard to press production. ”

Paper suppliers about moisture control requirements necessary for laser tag, so as to solve the problems confronting curl and press cards. Whether curling is happening on 81/2 or 11 die-cutting, manufacturer to solve this problem will be very difficult.

Adhesives is another factor. Heinl says, "if it's too soft, will accumulate on drums, that are expensive to repair. Unless you use appropriate blade when cutting edge, otherwise dust will make the printer jammed in the roller. ”

In addition, in the packaging products also careful so as not to fold and damage the label printing business information data.

According to CD sales coordinator, f, Illinois said, the company with a special coil-proof lining and sealable plastic bag with laser tag, so that the moisture (wave plus heat will make the curl). Due to adhesive talents a year later, so labels shelf life written on the packaging. F say, user-machine-feed laser labels, may be in the input tray to prevent curling, so as to avoid failure.