Smart labels


RFID is short for Radio Frequency Identification, RFID, commonly known as electronic tags, or smart tags.

1. What is RFID technology

Wireless RF recognition technology RFID is a non-contact type of automatically recognition technology, it using RF way for non-contact two-way communications, reached automatically recognition target object (electronic label) and gets related data, has precision high, and adapted environment capacity strong, and anti-interference strong, and operation shortcut, and recognition work without artificial intervention, and using life long, and read distance can near can far (several cm to dozens of meters), and storage information big, and has very high of confidentiality (each electronic label has unique of ID,), and Reading and writing do not need light, can be read through the external material data, able to work in a hostile environment, to be able to embed or attach to the different types of products, able to handle multiple labels of many advantages.

Accenture Labs chief scientist Sir Alex Ferguson believe RFID is a breakthrough technology: "first, you can identify the specific individual objects, not only recognizes a category of objects like a barcode and second, using radio frequency, can resort to external material to read data and barcode must be on the laser to read information; and, third, can be read on multiple objects simultaneously, and bar code can only be read one by one. In addition, the enormous amount of information stored. "