What do you know three-button tunic cuffs represent?

In the 1920 of the 20th century, Sun Yat-Sen to Western-style popular among overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia, "COWL NECK fit" based on structure of clothes such as, combined with Chinese traditional aesthetic theory and taking into account the specific functions, using "Ocean method" way of tailoring, designed and produced for people wearing "new clothes." Sun Yat-Sen's initiative, to lead by example and strongly advocated "new clothes" named "Zhongshan suit". Because you will embody the spirit of Chinese traditional aesthetic, social revolution, meet the needs of time-life, three main requirements successfully unify the tunic is recognized and accepted by the general public.

Tunic structure of formed and development process deeply traditional culture of effect, its predecessor of four a Pocket representative "country of four", front five grain buttons symbol "five right Division", cuffs three grain buttons representative "principles doctrine", upper small pocket of pour mountain form frame type bags cover meaning China revolution needed relies on intellectuals, this metaphor of way is China traditional clothing culture and clothing aesthetic thinking in the most with representative of features. Closed collar, lapel before five-button binding, reflects the positive and strong, upright spirit of traditional Chinese culture.