Buckle Is Also Called Quadruple Buckle

Buckle is also known as Sihetun buckle, buckle buckle, buckle button, and so on, each region is called different, buckle is a button, commonly known as the button, spring buckle, Buckle is a combination of parts and Sihetun deduction of a class of buttons, is by S-type spring combination, A part called the mother buckle, wide edge can be engraved pattern, the middle of a hole, the edge of two parallel spring; Part B is called the male button, the middle of a dot, the dots into the button after the hole was spring clamp, Snap Fasteners resulting in opening force, fixed clothing.

The button is used in the clothes or backpack and other buttons. With a convenient and fast and so on

Button processing methods: snap according to the size, the color of different different types, according to the location and material can choose the appropriate buckle. Convex buckle for the clothes of the placket, concave buckle for clothing in the brocade. When sewing, Snap Fasteners the use of the line and the way the thread with the same button, the initial and the final line in the buckle under the following. Snap Fasteners In addition, the use of fabric wrapped buckle when the choice of fabric with the same color of the lining or thin material to package.

Hook the handling method: hook has the size, shape, color and other different types of use to consider the location and function were practical. A metal hook made of a small hook that handles the stitching. Snap Fasteners The side of the hook control in the completion of the line within the lapel side of the loop to let out the amount of control. For small hooks, there are loops in the lining. The method of suture is the same as the method of locking the eye.

The nail method is the same as the method of locking the eyelet, Snap Fasteners and when the cable is pulled down, the last line is cut under the buckle. Lifting buckle (Velcro) The method of handling the buckle is easy to unlock, and it is quick and easy to lock the button and the button. In contrast to the buckle, the concave in the placket, convex in the breasted. When the thin cloth is encountered, it is necessary to affix the fastening fastness of the non-woven lining in the position of the buckle. In addition, when the seam to avoid the open line and seam where the gap.