Buttonhole Lock

Make your own clothes, now is very few people will do it. But in the mom that year, for the children sewing a small dress, skirt, or often there will be, watching the children wearing their own clothes sewing, Eyelets and my heart is very proud of it Do not make clothes, simply repair, occasionally still need. Now we have to look at the hand of a needle: sewing. Is the pinhole commonly used needle method, so I am here through the entire process of locking the eye, to demonstrate the needle steps. This needle can also be used to lock some small burrs, similar to the effect of the edge of the machine. Not very familiar, huh, huh, we just look at a way like.

1 button on the need to lock the eye position, slightly wide on both sides of the location of some of the position out of the buttonhole width, not very skilled, Eyelets you can draw powder line, easier to grasp some.

2 by folding line fold, cut from the middle, you can first cut a small mouth, and then open, and then cut to both sides, so easy to cut more.

3 stitching on the double strand, Eyelets thick fabric available four strands, but when the lock must be flattened, otherwise it will be more ugly.

4 first needle, from the end of the buttonhole from the needle, the needle from the back into the front pull out, so that the thread to stay on the back.

5 again. Then, pull out a needle, the needle and the width of the needle is basically the same needle. Eyelets So until it is sewn to the opening side. This is the pinhole on both sides of the needle.

6-pin pull to the back, from the opposite side of the needle. Eyelets The line from the needle under the needle, pull back, around the line to form a ring.

7 hands firmly hold the ring, so that it kept at the opening edge, the needle gradually tightened, and ultimately the formation of a lock ring.

8 continue to sew, lock a ring attached to one, lock the edge of the cut. Until the other end of the buttonhole.

9 Similarly, a few stitches sewn, forming a flat needle at the end. Then, Eyelets the needle is pulled up from the reverse side, starting the button on the other side of the buttonhole.

10 and the starting point coincides, the needle pulled from the front to the opposite.

11 is still the line from the needle to bypass, but this time do not have to insert the needle into the cloth, the needle from the ring ring piercing, tightening, forming a knot can be. You can pull one more to make it stronger. Then, cut off the extra lines.

12 sewn after the positive and negative effects.