Clothing Rivets Can Easily Shuashuai

Wearing more and more personalized today, clothing rivets are increasingly used in clothing, such as our favorite rivet boots, rivet bags, Clothing Rivets and rivets full of small leather jacket, not only rock and roll Of the heavy metal sense, let us promoted to the tide of fashion up to people, reckless, personality uninhibited to flash the light of the fashion rivets spilled in the body of the various places in the crazy rebellious also revealed a little lovely atmosphere - this Is the most popular rivet element!

Metal sense of clothing rivets in the season can be described as a fire to the explosion, of course, it is also an integral part of this fall and winter with the popular elements, if you can not control the publicity elements of rivets, just add a rivets with a single element, You can improve the overall shape of the body, through the rivet elements can suddenly become a fashionable people, what are you waiting, take a look at the streets with people with it!

Recently, many female stars have begun to take the neutral wind, all kinds of beautiful minutes and minutes to break the way sister, so what a single product can play the most cool, Xiaobian compared a variety of single product, and ultimately found a clothing rivets! Clothing Rivets Although the clothing rivets in the red after a few years after the dissipated some, but still can be from a lot of fashion stars to see the most stars to let them wear out the neutral wind or clothing rivets! Now let Xiaobian to introduce what rivets can start from it under a single bar

A rivets can easily play a single product handsome!

Clothing rivet leather jacket was wearing a street to be well received, is gigi many beautiful shot can not fail to mention, even if the baby face can bring out the cool taste

With the skills: black long sleeve + black jeans + black rivet leather + black high heels

Originally such a wear is not wearing a handsome cool, Clothing Rivets but added a rivet leather skirt after a different, although the skirt, but the cortical and rivets of the strong combination or put out the cool female Fan

1, black is a silver metal fluff rivets is the most intimate partner, rivet elements as neckline and shoes accessories, so that the overall black dress becomes punk full

2, skull purple T-shirt, Clothing Rivets black perspective Legging, of course, the hands of the rivet hand bag, so you become the streets of the beach-goers.

3, black print T-shirt with rivets elements of the hot pants, beam on the khaki belt, red hair appears bright light.

4, white vest base, with red and white striped skirt, take a small black jacket, neck necklace on the rivets added a few sexy.

5, Clothing Rivets in the ordinary black and white with, into the metal sense of shoes and clothing rivets hat, see who dare to hurt you easily?

6, denim jacket collar can also be embedded in some rivet elements, with black tassel shoulder bag, turned the nightclub shop punk girl.

7, neon color T-shirt with black trousers, tied on the black belt, wearing a rivet bracelet, the same fashion avant-garde.