Clothing Rivets Highlight The Girl's Personality

Clothing rivets in the punk rock style is one of the necessary elements, whether it is in the jacket, bags, or shoes appear on the show will show an alternative fashion sense, highlighting the girl's personality.

Recently, many female stars have begun to take the neutral wind, all kinds of beautiful minutes and minutes to break the way sister, then what a single product can play the most cool, Xiaobian compared all kinds of single product, and ultimately that it is - rivet! Although the rivets in the red after a few years after the dissipated some, but still can be seen from a lot Clothing Rivets of fashion stars star shot to see the most let them wear out the neutral wind or rivets! Now let Xiaobian to introduce what rivets can start from it under a single bar

A rivets can easily play a single product handsome!

Clothing rivet leather jacket was wearing a street to be well received, is gigi many beautiful shot can not fail to mention, even if the baby face can bring out the cool cool taste

With the skills: black long sleeve + black jeans + black rivet leather + black high heels

Originally such a wear is not wearing a handsome cool, but added a rivet leather skirt after a different, although the skirt, Clothing Rivets but the cortical and rivets of the strong combination or put out the cool female Fan

With the skills: white shirt + black rivet leather skirt + gray denim jacket

Clothing rivets with, you know how to match it? Through the rivet elements, so that you immediately turned into fashionable people. What are you waiting for? Hurry to follow together to see rivets clothing with it!

Rivet clothing with a collar with a rivet element embellishment of the skull purple t-shirt, plus black perspective legging the overall shape, so that the whole person looks punk full. Coupled with the waist with rivet khaki belt, bright dazzling beauty image highlights it.

Finally, and then take a rivet hand bag, immediately turned the street tide range of children up to people. Want to try Clothing Rivets nightclub punk girl dress up? So, only need a jacket in the jacket on the necklace, mosaic season popular rivet elements, on top of this basis.

Come with a black tassel shoulder bag, nightclub punk girl on the beginning to take shape! Saw the elements of the rivets to build the punk wind, then we look at the simple style of the bar with it This with a rivet element of the bat sleeve T-shirt, in the season with, get a good interpretation.

Clothing with, not only comfortable, but also wear clothing with the fashion sense of the street Oh! This H & M rivet clothing single product, using the milk white color, rivet element design is the use of metal semi-round buckle, not only did not give it a "edge to do dew" feeling, but added a Roman-style aesthetic and A sense of romance.

Let us the whole person's temperament, it is very soft. If you want to give a mature feeling, then this element into the black rivets match, will be your best choice Oh! Rivets shiny, coupled with tight pants printed pants with the success of the black to break the boring and serious, so that the whole person by Tim a little charming feeling.