Development History

Rivets are made of wood or bone of the first small studs, metal body is probably the earliest ancestors of the rivets that we know today. There is no doubt that they are the most ancient metal known to man, dating back to the first use of malleable metal so far, such as: bronze age Egypt people rivet wheel slot six wooden exterior door with rivet fastening, Greece successfully after bronze casting large-scale statues and riveting the parts together with rivets.

In 1916, when the British aircraft manufacturing company h ยท V first single blind rivet for riveting white patent when people couldn't have imagined the rivets used so widely today. From aerospace to Office machines, electronics and sports equipment, it can be said that this blind rivets have become effective and solid mechanical connection methods.

Hollow rivets was invented for the manufacture or maintenance harnesses and equipment, hollow rivets what invented, it is not very clear, but the horse was invented in the 9th century/10th century AD. Riveting harness and hang like Horseshoe nails, set freed slaves from heavy labor, rivet also raises many important inventions, such as copper and iron worker pliers and animal husbandry and wool shears with iron-and so on.