Electronic Tags

Tags also known as RF labels, transponders, data carriers; reader, also known as readout devices, scanners, read-head, Communications Manager, reader (depending on whether the tag wirelessly overwrite data). RFID tag and reader of RF signals through coupling element between spaces (non-contact) coupling; coupling channel, according to the temporal relations, realize energy transmission and data exchange.

Tag is a tool to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of recognition, which will completely replace barcodes. RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technologies, through radio waves to automatically identify the target object and access to relevant data, identifying work without human intervention, it can work in a variety of harsh environments. RFID technology can identify fast-moving objects and can identify multiple tags simultaneously, operation is quick and easy. RFID tags is a breakthrough technology: "first, you can identify the individual's very specific object, not only like a bar code identifying a class of objects; the second, which uses radio frequency, can be read through the external material data and barcode must be on the laser to read information; and, third, you can read multiple objects simultaneously, and bar code can only be read one by one. In addition, the enormous amount of information stored. ”