Installation Steps Of Garment Rivets

Metal sense of the clothing rivet in this season is a fire to explode, of course, it is the autumn and winter collocation of the essential elements of the popular, if you do not dare to control the wearing of the garment rivet elements, just add a single product with clothing rivet elements, you can improve the overall shape of the body, through the clothing rivet elements can suddenly become fashionable talent, Clothing Rivets you are still waiting for what, look at the street to meet people with it!

1, Black is the silver metal sense clothing rivet Most intimate is also the most compatible partner, the clothing rivet element serves as the neckline and the shoe accessory, lets the overall black dress become the punk completely.

2, skull purple T-shirt, black perspective legging, of course, and the hand of the clothing rivet bag, let you become a street-goers.

3, Black printing t-shirt with clothing rivet elements of hot pants, on the band Khaki belt, Clothing Rivets red hair beauty appears dazzling.

The rivet is a nail-shaped object with a cap on one end. In riveting, the riveted parts are connected by their own deformation or interference. Installs the clothing rivet to need to prepare some tools: The clothing rivet, the 3 millimeters round hole flushes and the clothing rivet mold. The following little series is used to provide common clothing rivets:

1. Punch holes in the face with a round hole on the surface that needs to be stapled:

2. Place the long nails of the garment rivet on the base:

3. Set the objects that need to be stapled on a long spike:

4. Add a short cap to the missing long spike:

5. Use the clothing rivet mold to aim at the short cap, the hammer knocks the mold, Clothing Rivets the attention grasps the good strength, guarantees the one.

Small series for you to provide the clothing rivet installation method is simpler, easy to grasp, roughly divided into punching, binding, molding three steps, is an entry-level method, Clothing Rivets suitable for soft objects installed rivets. If you need to install clothing rivets on hard objects or machinery, you need to use tools such as clothing riveters to assist in installation.