Rivet Types And Uses

R-type plastic rivets, also known as rivets, plastic nails and female is composed of two parts. Its installation without using the installation tool, placed in the hole of the base will be installed, and then press head, specially designed foot open force expansion, firmly to the mounting surface. It is often used to connect the plastic shell, LIGHT BOARD, insulation materials, circuit boards, or any other thin, lightweight material, aesthetic and practical, easy to use.

Fan rivets specially designed for manual installation, by panels or frame hole through the pull, using elastomer materials with good toughness, even in interference fit can be installed quickly. Cleverly designed with elastic function with the corresponding aperture into which are not easily slide out, fan rivets are mainly used in electronic computer chassis fan, heat sink and chip fixed purpose, with anti-vibration, low noise.

Is very new, riveting and convenient drive rivets rivet fasteners, in a relatively small space or no rivet gun or drive rivets rivet gun environment cannot be used to show their unique advantages. Artifacts, such as single-sided percussion mandrel using a hammer can be two or several connections riveting success. Drive rivets in accordance with nail Cap brim shapes can be divided into flat round head drive rivets countersunk head drive rivets, according to the different material combinations, can be divided into aluminum drive rivets, aluminum drive rivets, stainless steel drive rivets steel, steel drive rivets, aluminum stainless steel hammer drive rivets blind rivets, plastic and so on. Drive rivets do not like CSK must use manual rivet gun or pneumatic rivet guns can be riveting, riveting and better convenience, can be widely used in a variety of connections riveting.